Hi, my name is Angelo Lu!

I’m a biomechanical engineering and computer science student at Queen’s University (2020 and 2022 candidate, respectively).

I’m working towards completing the requirements for my mech eng degree, fitting compsci courses in remaining elective slots. I’m a supporter of multidisciplinary learning and although I’m not currently taking many software development courses in class, I love learning about tech and continue to tinker and build side projects on my time off. I’m also involved in several teams:

Currently involved in

After learning Java with a friend, I’ve taught myself C#, Python, Javascript, and Arduino to a proficient level, along with a basic understanding of electronic circuits. Because of my background in Java, I was a die-hard native Android app developer for many years. Having learned Javascript and implemented projects with JQuery, I am now looking to learn more about and experiment with React and Django to break free from a specific OS and build PWAs that run on (almost) any device with a web browser.

Personal interests

I hope to share my projects, experiences and thoughts on this site. If you’re interested in anything I do or have any questions, please reach out on LinkedIn.

Lastly, I’m looking for a 12-16 month internship starting in May 2019. If you know of anything I might be interested in, please let me know!

Have a fantastic day :)